Fusion IO Blows Through 1 million IOPS to Nine Million IOPS in Transaction Logging App Use-Case

Everywhere there is this need for speed. One flash array vendor thought that benchmarking a single VM to achieve a million IOPS was particularly useful or interesting. Marginally.  However, I found that the real example of speed comes from Fusion IO and it has demonstrated it could deliver 9 million IOPS from a single 365 GB MLC Fusion ioDrive2 card. Watch the video the number is actually 9.6 million IOPS.  Unbelievable.


And a quick brief on the use-case :


Here is a nice detailed presentation/talk from youtube on it :

And a presentation on it :


The key aspect beyond the sheer hardware effort is the work done in building programming interfaces via their SDK.  By focusing not simply on sheer hardware but also on building useful programming interfaces for software developers, Fusion IO provides the tools to achieve very high IOPS.  Many flash companies have focused on hardware – but here Fusion IO shows that a focus on hardware and software and file systems is at the heart of their tremendous performance.