Aerospike Benchmark : Micron PCIe P320h & P420hm Flash Cards “blows away the competition”

If you are using  Aerospike’s database (which is a really nice NoSQL DB) you should be evaluating Micron’s P320h and P420hm PCIe cards.  Actually, I’ll go further, if you are looking at PCIe cards, in general, you should be evaluating at Micron.  If you don’t know what Aerospike is – it is a NoSQL database optimized for flash and it is in wide use by a class of customers that need extreme performance and low latency.


In a review of testing by Aerospike, Brian Bulkowski, CTO at Aerospike was effusive in writing about the results in The SSD Journal.  Specifically he states in a review of tests – “Micron PCIe devices blow away the competition, and our customers who use them are very pleased.”  This is high praise coming from a company who has tested a large number of flash devices and even some flash arrays.  In the tests, Aerospike ran the Aerospike Certification Tool (ACT) and the results were impressive.


The numbers are nothing short of stunning. The Micron P320h (SLC) was able to “sustain 99.8% of requests under 1 millisecond while at the same time satisfying 150,000 read operations per second and 225 megabytes per second of writes hour after hour.”  How has Micron been able to do it ?   You can read more in the review.


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