Recommended Viewing : Unlocking the Java EE Platform with HTML5

This is a terrific video.  In it the aim is to show you aspect of the Java EE platform. It encompasses a range of specifications, such as Java Persistence API, Enterprise JavaBeans, Java Server Faces, Servlet API, and JAX-RS. The video shows how  these specifications fit together in an application, and how do they relate to each other.  It also shows how HTML5 is used to leverage Java EE.  In this session, you learn how Java EE works and how it can be integrated with HTML5 front ends, via HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.


Recommended Viewing : 44 Tips for Front-End Web Developers

Geertjan Wielenga, Principal Product Manager of Oracle’s NetBeans team and one of the most knowledgeable software development people you will ever meet, has created two  videos covering developing web front-ends.  NetBeans is my development environment of choice and you will understand why in these videos. Geertjan walks through a series of tips.  These video tips revolve around development using HTML5, JavaScript, CSS and NetBeans.