Recommended Reading : Clojure and the VIM Ecosystem

This post is a work in progress – so it may be worth coming back here if you are interested in the topic of the Clojure/VIM ecosystem, because I am adding new things to this over time.

It is worth noting that VI/VIM is one the of the more successful editors around.  I got started with Vi in BSD 4.1 I used it a lot since then.  Subsequently it is today found in either Vi or VIM form in virtually every Linux and Unix version, not to mention MacOS X.  In looking at Clojure development environments, I discovered that VIM can be used (I’m still looking at others but VIM looks interesting coupled with a number of Clojure related plugins).


Here is a step by step introduction to VIM and fireplace.vim


A video example of VIM and fireplace.vim :

It is worth looking using the pathogen plugin with VIM.  See :


and also looking at :


Finally one interesting article on VIM configuration which can be daunting for some :


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Recommended Viewing : Apples & Oranges – Highlights of Eclipse, NetBeans and IDEA IDEs

There are a number of Java-based IDEs that offer a variety of features.  This is a nice presentation which highlights three IDEs – NetBeans, Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA. This is both good for both experienced and new users.  It introduces the IDEs and the strengths of these IDEs.


Select the image to watch the video.  You may find this article of interest, as well.


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