Recommended Viewing : Microsoft IoT, Azure IoT, Time Series Insights, Remote Monitoring

All of our devices are sending mammoth amounts of telemetry (= data) and a lot of that data is useful. With the emergence the “Internet of Things” (as both a concept and a reality) over the past few years Microsoft has jumped at this new opportunity. Numerous efforts they are engaged in are around Azure IoT Core, certified device catalog, providing cloud/intelligence to the edge, remote monitoring, Azure Iot Hub Device Provisioning, time series insights and quite a bit more.  This is the tip of the iceberg – there are a number of other related features around, for example, machine learning.

One of the more interesting introductory talks to what Microsoft has introduced is from Sam George, Director of Microsoft Azure IoT.  It is a long talk but covers a lot of territory :
One very interesting aspect of the work being done is Time Series Insights which allows you to stream put your time series data into this tool and understand what is going on with your monitored device.  This is a particularly interesting application. There is no schema or telling the tool what the format of your data is, it will figure it out.  This talk provides an overview of Azure IoT Time Series Insights.