Recommended Presentation : ClojureScript – LISP’s Revenge & Other ClojureScript Sources

Apologies for the recent outage. My hosting service had some issues which they did a great job resolving.  All that is fortunately behind us.  This post focuses on some resources I have been looking at with regards to ClojureScript.

I’ve started looking at ClojureScript and found some interesting work others have done. David Nolen gave a very nice talk on ClojureScript at the GOtO Aarhus 2013 conference. A very nice introduction to those interested in learning more about ClojureScript.


You can use Light Table to write your ClojureScript code.


I also bumped into an interesting set of learning exercises :


And finally a new book that I just snagged off Amazon :


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Recommended Viewing : 44 Tips for Front-End Web Developers

Geertjan Wielenga, Principal Product Manager of Oracle’s NetBeans team and one of the most knowledgeable software development people you will ever meet, has created two  videos covering developing web front-ends.  NetBeans is my development environment of choice and you will understand why in these videos. Geertjan walks through a series of tips.  These video tips revolve around development using HTML5, JavaScript, CSS and NetBeans.