Recommended : Kaminario’s Flash Interview with Me

kamcldToday, Kaminario published an interview they did with me recently. Kaminario offers one of the highest performing flash arrays available and couples a wealth of storage features to it. I recently pointed out Reference Architecture for ESX and in the past highlighted their performance strengths reinforced by the world record performance setting SPC-1 numbers.  I recently was interviewed and today they published the interview in their Flash Interview. You can read the interview here :


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Recommended Reference Architecture : Scalable Flash Storage for Building a High Performance ESX Cluster

Kaminario has an excellent write-up on how they accelerated a mixed workload of SAP which was using Microsoft SQL Server on a VMware cluster. It is an excellent read if you are interested in boosting performance of your ESX cluster and the apps running within it.


You can read the full report :


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Kaminario’s Post : 10 Key Questions To Ask Vendors

On October 24th, I wrote Top Thirteen Questions To Ask Your Flash Storage Vendor, it was very well-received and remains on my Top Posts list.  I have been adding to the Top Ten Questions post and will continue (I’m at eleven now).  Shortly after my post came out, Dana Loof of Kaminario contributed to this effort by releasing her 10 Key Questions To Ask Vendors. It approaches the questions from a Kaminario perspective but I like it because it provides a number of additional questions and some different thought patterns that I think contribute to my initial effort.  I will be adding some of these to my list. Some of the additions or expansions I will add to my post are on scale-out architecture and snapshots. Here is Dana’s post :



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