Recommended Webinar : SkySQL MariaDB 10.0 Overview

If you are interested in MySQL and MariaDB – there is an excellent new webinar series on MariaDB 10.0.  The presentation offers an overview of MariaDB 10.0 features and topics :

  • replication improvements, including multi-source replication, Global Transaction ID (GTID), and more
  • connecting MariaDB to a Cassandra cluster using CassandraSE using the CONNECT storage engine to join ODBC data sources with other tables and more
  • using the built-in sharding features of the SPIDER storage engine
  • atomic write support for FusionIO DirectFS
  • improvements for DBAs around per-thread-memory-usage statistics, and more
  • MySQL Enterprise features that exist in MariaDB: PAM Authentication plugin, threadpool, Audit plugin

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