Recommended Webinar : SkySQL MariaDB 10.0 Overview

If you are interested in MySQL and MariaDB – there is an excellent new webinar series on MariaDB 10.0.  The presentation offers an overview of MariaDB 10.0 features and topics :

  • replication improvements, including multi-source replication, Global Transaction ID (GTID), and more
  • connecting MariaDB to a Cassandra cluster using CassandraSE using the CONNECT storage engine to join ODBC data sources with other tables and more
  • using the built-in sharding features of the SPIDER storage engine
  • atomic write support for FusionIO DirectFS
  • improvements for DBAs around per-thread-memory-usage statistics, and more
  • MySQL Enterprise features that exist in MariaDB: PAM Authentication plugin, threadpool, Audit plugin

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MySQL Benchmark : Micron P320h (SLC) PCIe Flash Card – Outperforms

After looking at the Aerospike/Micron PCIe flash card benchmark I was extremely interested in whether a database like MySQL would also get as good results.  The answer seems is a resounding ‘yes’.  Over at Vadim Tkachenko’s MySQL Performance Blog, the tests were conducted in mid-April.  the P320h PCIe flash cards ran the sysbench fileIO tests n asynchronous mode and read performance was a steady 3202 MiB/second.  Write performance came in over 1730 MiB/sec. Performance was over 110,000 write IOPS and almost 205,000 read IOPS. Synchronous IO was similarly impressive. Vadim offered MySQL testing using the TPCC-MySQL test and sysbench OLTP and compared it to other PCIe flash cards.  Micron’s P320h delivered equally impressive performance on these tests – outperforming the two other flash cards.  You can read the review here :



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Benchmark : Percona Benchmarks Facebook’s LinkBench on Percona Server versus MySQL DB

Benchmarking is an art.  The question in some cases is – are you benchmarking what you think you are benchmarking.  So, to provide a benchmark that models what it cares about,  Facebook announced the Linkbench.  Linkbench models the social graph OLTP workload.  Below you can find a description of the benchmark and the location where you can download it.



Percona provided benchmark results for LinkBench testing their own Percona Server 5.5.30 versus MySQL DB 5.5.30 and 5.6.11.


Reference Architectures : MySQL Reference Architectures for Massively Scalable Web Infrastructure

Oracle has a whitepaper titled, MySQL Reference Architectures for Massively Scalable Infrastructures.  They highlight reference architectures for small, medium, large and extra large (social media).   They cover a variety of MySQL related best practices. One has the feeling that if another company (Joyent or Percona) had written this – it would have included a number of other aspect such as virtualizing MySQL, etc.  It is a well-written overview of considerations that should be examined in deployments.


If you are looking for more detailed information, this whitepaper is more of a higher level view of best practices around architectures.  A different more detailed reference and interesting benchmarking of MySQL replication on multi-threaded slaves shows a 5x performance improvement – this is more of a single data point on MySQL replication that is of interest to me.