Recommended Reading : PostgreSQL Performance Benchmark Whitepaper : Comparing Joyent and AWS EC2

Joyent has announced a very interesting benchmark and an accompanying whitepaper.  Joyent has optimized Postgres to run fast in their cloud. In head-to-head benchmark tests using standard Master/Slave Postgres configurations. According to Joyent – “Joyent’s virtual databases completed tasks up to 15X faster than a comparable Postgres multi-node virtualized database configurations running on Amazon Web Services.”  Very interesting read, their performance was very good, even beating AWS SSD configurations.



Recommended (from Rails Conf 2013) : Postgres, the Best Tool You’re Already Using

There is a nice presentation by Adam Sanderson from LiquidPlanner discussing some of the things he has learned and some new unique features in Postgres.  He covers tagging, hierarchy and modeling tree structures, custom data (sparse data) and full text search.  He provides SQL code showing how to go about defining arrays in SQL which include tags. He also shows this in ActiveRecord. He shows how to use the contains and overlaps operators with these tag arrays and how to go about querying Tags in ActiveRecord and compositing new features. He also covers Hstore in Postgres which provides a way to creating custom data. He also shows how to query Hstore in ActiveRecord. He then also shows how to use Postgres’ full text search. He provides a lot of detail into these topics.

Don’t stop here. Visit his blog it has even more information on these topics :