Storm Persistence and Real-Time Analytics

A short while back I mentioned some of the nice work being done on Storm.  Brian Bulkowski, founder and CTO at Aerospike has done two very nice presentations that highlights some of Storm’s advantages.  In it he goes over some of the architecture associated with Storm.  He points out that it is read/write optimized for flash and provides high performance.  Used in conduction with Aerospike’s flash-optimized in-memory database – the combination provides a real performance boost.  He points out an actual customer analysis where 500,000 transactions/second were required.  Aerospike’s server requirements were dramatically lower (186 versus 14).  You can read more here :


A more up-to-date version of the talk was given recently covering Real-time analytics with Storm, Aerospike and Hadoop.  In this talk he provided more coverage of storm explaining more details about (spouts) connections with data sources, (bolts) method of analysis and data manipulations, (nimbus) a control entity that allows re-balancing in real-time and much more. He also provides a nice example (Trending Words).  He also describes running and coding in Storm.  You can see more here :

Though the audio isn’t perfect. Here is more on storm, select to go to the page:

Incidentally, in one of the presentation he mentions using the Micron P320h to deliver exceptionally high performance.