Recommended Reading/Viewing: Apache Search Engines (Lucene/Solr/ElasticSearch) Presentations

One aspect of most architectures on the web involve search.  I’ve been working with Apache Solr – a search engine that as it turns out fits the definition of NoSQL database (and some people use it as a read database).  If you don’t know what Solr is there are plenty of books worth reading on the topic.  And you should visit the Apache Solr site :


A commercially supported version of Solr is available from LucidWorks. If you are interested in learning a lot more, there are some nice videos from the Lucene Solr Revolution 2013 conference. Lots of very good talks, select the following ‘Recommended Viewing’ image to go to the conference video/PDF presentations :

lucene-solr-conf2013 A taste of some of the talks – first on the topic of ‘search’ itself.

and second, a talk on Solr as a NoSQL database from the creator of Solr  :

Another interesting search engine project is ElasticSearch.