Recommended : HTC One



Recently, I decided to upgrade my iPhone 4.  I thought I would get an iPhone 5 but after doing some reading of a large number of reviews I went in a different direction. When looking at the reviews I was surprised that HTC One kept coming up on top. Three reviews of interest : Gizmag, The Guardian and CNET.  So I visited my local AT&T store and was surprised to discover why.  The HTC One is what the iPhone 5 should have been or iPhone 6 should be.  After years of buying iPhones I decided to give Android a try – and specifically the HTC One.  Migration.   HTC made it easy – using the HTC Sync Manager I downloaded my iTunes music, calendars, contacts, etc in under an hour. The Phone.  It is a high quality phone and just looking at it you can see that (no cheap plastic).  Let’s start with the display is 4.7″ versus iPhone 5’s 4″ display.  Resolution is a hefty 1920×1080 (468 pixels/inch) versus the iPhone 5’s 1136×640 (326 pixels/inch).  Their processor is a quad-core Snapdragon 600 and is way faster than Apple’s processor.  The HTC One hosts double the amount of memory (2 GB versus 1 GB). HTC includes Near-FieldCommunication (NFC). I programmed the HTC One as a universal remote for my HDTV, Comcast box and JVC DVD player. The only area where iPhone has the edge is in the camera hardware. However, the camera software on HTC is way better. To me, the larger, high resolution screen makes a huge difference. Over all, much to my surprise, a full month after buying the phone I can say it has provided the best smartphone experience I’ve had for some time.    Apps. I found all the apps I used onthe iPhone, on Google Play.  One exception, a Getting-Things-Done app called Things.  EverNote feels like it is built for Android – use it extensively and the larger screen makes it more readable and useful. Mail.  I think I prefer the built-in Mail app on HTC One.  I have four email sources which it handles wonderfully.  Calendar.  Calendar on the iPhone seems more useful than the built-in calendar on HTC One. I’m searching for a better calendar – but the built-in one works fine – it just isn’t as nice as my iPhone calendar. Blinkfeed.  HTC also added a really nice way of looking at information sources called Blinkfeed. It is useful and avoids me having to look at a 1990s view of icons on a screen and provides useful information.  No Samsung. Why Not Samsung Galaxy S4 some might ask ? Samsung has a nice phone.  It is brimming with features and is very popular.  Here’s why.  First, put the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 side-by-side. It is obvious that the HTC One is a high quality, aluminum phone and the S4 is basically a plastic phone – the visuals alone will stop you from going to the S4.  Second, throwing in a thousand features into a phone gives you lots of features, but does not give you usability.  If you try and use the phones for a while – the HTC One is more usable. Overall – for me, the HTC One is a huge leap forward over my iPhone 4. I highly recommend it.  One point is that I should make is that iOS 7 has a number of features which make iOS more interesting than the version I’m familiar with (6).

Update : Besides the camera features like Zoe and all the filters –  HTC One’s camera features really are amazing.  Like : sequence shooting or variable speed playback or object removal.

Update 2 : The whole idea of Zoe is a great one. It changes the way you do group photos – see how Zoe is used with Zoe Always Smile.

Update 3 : One final comment.  There are those that would prefer a stock Android release for HTC One.  I’m not one of those people.  HTC has done a great job of providing a suite of software that is really, really nice.  Here is what you would lose if you went to stock Android.