Recommended Viewing : Oracle’s New In-Memory Servers Shifts The Discussion

Oracle has shifted the discussion on in-memory options and systems.

First, they announced an option to run their databases and applications in-memory. They are noting that this will accelerate performance :

  • 100 times queries with real-time analytics
  • two times increase in transaction processing rates
  • row insertions will happen three to four times faster
  • compatibility with existing applications
  • architectural scale-out

A nice write-up describing this from Rachel King.

Second, new hardware.  Think of a server that holds 32 SPARC 3.6Ghz processors – each with 12 cores (and 96 hardware threads per processor), it holds 32 TB memory. This is the killer server Oracle announced.  The M6-32.  The interconnect architecture provides a 384 port silicon switching network with monster bandwidth.  Three numbers Larry Ellison showed in his announcement of the new systems, the Oracle M6 offers 1 TB per second IO bandwidth, 1.4 TB per second memory bandwidth and 3 TB per second system bandwidth.