Recommended Reading : Reference Architecture for Oracle on Cisco UCS Server and Tegile

There is a nice reference architecture white paper which provides a lot of details into setting up an architecture that supports Oracle Database deployment and operational details on infrastructure consisting of Cisco UCS servers and Tegile Hybrid Arrays. Select the item below to see it.

screenshot_414In addition, there are a number of new flash arrays – the following brief discusses Oracle and these new arrays :



Tegile Hybrid Array Modernizes Storage at BYU Hawaii; 25-40X Improvement in Throughput

I spent some time looking at more Tegile information and it is worthwhile to look at one of their most recent end-user write-ups that involve BYU Hawaii. It is interesting to see what the reaction is to a hybrid (HDD+Flash) array at a university that often have many fairly demanding applications with a number of apps and workloads happening at roughly the same time.  What I like is that this is a nice account of who is the user, what they are doing and what the results where. It is not a white paper but a good account of an end-user’s experience.

Though my focus has been on hybrid arrays and Tegile has those, I found this account to be extremely interesting.



[Updated/fixed the link box.]  A rough synopsis –


Recommended Viewing : Tegile’s Intelliflash Architecture and Flash Arrays

I mentioned Tegile as a relatively and excellent new player in the all-flash array market.  They have been producing hybrid arrays (a combination of flash and HDDs) and have recently released all-flash arrays. Again, avoiding the mistakes of past flash array companies they have offered an extremely well-thought out architecture. They include the usual suspects of data reductions and protocols that enterprise require.

Narayan provides a nice overview of Tegile’s products and features.

This is an excellent and detailed overview of their Intelliflash architecture.


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