Recommended Reference Architecture : Scalable Flash Storage for Building a High Performance ESX Cluster

Kaminario has an excellent write-up on how they accelerated a mixed workload of SAP which was using Microsoft SQL Server on a VMware cluster. It is an excellent read if you are interested in boosting performance of your ESX cluster and the apps running within it.


You can read the full report :


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Recommended Viewing : Overcoming Roadblocks to the All-Flash Data Center

Very good talk on Nimbus Data‘s all-flash array.  Definitely worth listening to if you are looking at implementing flash storage in your data center.  Thomas Isakovich, CEO and gemini-drive-swapfounder of Nimbus Data along with George Crump of Storage Switzerland provided an informative hour covering considerations of implementing all-flash arrays into the data center. Nimbus Data has been doubling their array sales every year for the past three years and they are doing this without the traditional VC funding.  One interesting aspect to me about this, is that having watched the unfortunate Violin Memory IPO and subsequent disappointing earnings, coupled to a stock that went from $9 a share to $2.50 a share and today sits at $3.41 –  it is refreshing to see a company with a different strategy.  The talk discussed typical roadblocks to implementing all flash in a data center.  The new Gemini arrays were covered – these are actually very fast enterprise SSD-based array that is highly customized to deliver high performance, throughput and low latency in a small form factor with excellent power and cooling numbers. Gemini can produce over 2 million IOPS and 12 Gbps throughput. Also covered is the array software, Halo, which has dedup, thin-provisioning, cloning, snapshots, encryption, etc. Also covered were use-cases for Gemini. Good talk. You can select the image below or go to this link to go to talk.

ndbright01I encourage you to go the the Storage Swiss web site which is full of resources on these topics. Excellent site.


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Recommended Viewing : Presentation Videos From O’Reilly Velocity 2013 Conference – Web Performance And Operations

The  presentations from the O’Reilly Velocity 2013 Conference are available in video format.  If you don’t what this conference is about :

  • Three days of concentrated focus on key aspects of web performance, operations and mobile performance.
  • Keynotes, tutorials and sessions
  • Experts, visionaries and industry leaders converge along with hundreds of web developers, sys admins and other web professionals all under one roof.

The slides :


In addition – a recent post on immutable servers :



Recommended Viewing/Reading : Immutable Servers and More

I’ve seen the adoption of immutable servers at very large companies –  it is spreading. In the next article and video you get a behind the seen view of one such deployment. They are using AWS. The video discusses the types of servers and infrastructure that goes into such a deployment. Also discussed are issues and problems encountered. Chad Fowler recently wrote a nice post on immutable deployments.


Chad Fowler recently discussed immutable infrastructure on “Foodfight” :

To get at the notes/outline information – more at the site.  If you still are asking yourself, what is an “immutable deployment” ?  There is an excellent explanation from Martin Fowler available :


You can find more here and here.


KVM Forum 2013 : Presentation PDFs and Videos Available

The recently concluded 2013 KVM Forum has made available sessions You can start by finding the PDFs of keynotes and presentations at the site.


In addition, videos of the sessions have been made available :


Please note that the quality of the video and audio on some of these have issues, however, if you are interested in KVM this may be of interest to you.

Recommended Reading : Performance and Best Practices – VMware vFabric Postgres 9.2

VMware just released Performance and Best Practices for VMware vFabric Postgres 9.2. VMware offers vFabric Postgres (vPostgres) as a distribution with drivers and utilities chosen by VMware.  This whitepaper presents the performance characteristics of vPostgres 9.2 on VMware vSphere 5.1. Showing vPostgres 9.2 on a 32 vCPU virtual machine on vSphere and a 32 core physical machines as a comparison point.  It shows that virtualized Posgres performs on par with bar-metal hosted Postgres.


Recommended Reading : Performance of vSphere Flash Read Cache in VMware vSphere 5.5

In VMware vSphere 5.5 a new approach to leverage flash storage devices was introduced. The vSphere Flash infrastructure layer is part of the ESXi storage stack allows management of flash storage devices connect to the ESXi host server. Typically these devices can be PCIe flash cards or SAS/SATA SSD drives.  The flash resource created by the vSphere Flash infrastructure layer can be used for two purposes : read caching of virtual machine I/O requests (vSphere Flash Read Cache) and storing the host swap file.


This whitepaper offers some performance best practices and look at a set performance benchmarks.