Recommended Reading : Two Reads on Building Apps in Clojure

In case you missed this comment on Clojure from Adrian Cockroft :

The really cool things I’m seeing being built, some of them are in Go, and the other one is Clojure. A lot of the best programmers and the most productive programmers I know are writing everything in Clojure and swearing by it, and then just producing ridiculously sophisticated things in a very short time.”  From


I bumped into two articles, the first is a nice write-up by a Rails-developer trying out Clojure (and loving it).  He writes 5 recommendations when developing Clojure Web apps.


The second article provides a how-to build single page app with CouchDB and Clojure.




Recommended Viewing : Clojure Web Apps on a Pedestal

O’Reilly had a nice Clojure presentation on building web apps.  Ryan Neufeld provides a workshop on building web applications in Clojure. It is now available. Ryan is a co-author of Clojure Cookbook.  Topics covered are:

  • Setting up a webserver with Pedestal
  • Routing requests to controller handlers
  • Rendering templates and views
  • Persisting information to a database (Datomic)
  • General editing and project organization tips

In it he talks about Pedestal. The presentation shows how to build  applications (such as a to do list) from scratch. Consider it a presentation/workshop.