Recommended Reading (Java) : Reactive Jersey Client

I came across a very nice set of articles on ‘Reactive Jersey Client’ which I put on my recommended reading list.  It focuses on solving a common problem of applications that don’t use resources in an efficient manner.  An common example might be that threads are often blocked while waiting for a resource to be freed up or an event to happen.  Three nice articles cover reactive programming with respect to Jersey clients.  Now if you are thinking “Why New Jersey ?” – you are off-track, we are talking the RESTful Web Services in Java which is called Jersey.  If you are a newbie to Jersey –


Michal Gajdos, who works on Jersey has written a number of articles on Reactive Jersey. These are really worth reading.reactive2




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Recommended Reading : More on Clojure RESTful Web Services

Paul Umbers has continued his series on Building A Clojure REST Service with Part 4 and part 5.  In the past he offered parts 1-3 which you can visit ( see my previous post ).  In part 4 he continues the work from the previous segments.


In part 5 he shows how to implements some more REST methods:


This is an older presentation from 2012 which I found quite interesting. In it Malcom Sparks discusses building interactive website with Clojure,  Clojurescript and REST.


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Recommended : Creating Web Services Using Clojure

Recently, I provided a post on creating RESTful web services in Java.  Today, we focus on creating RESTful web services in Clojure. If you are new to Clojure, you can get an accelerated look at it in Learn Clojure.  Let’s start with building RESTful web APIs :


Here is another example, a set of slides from Josep Bach :


Some other references are of use if you are writing a web service.  Let’s start with Ring :


Another useful thing is an authentication library, Sandbar.  Two more important libraries are Compojure and Compojure-rest.  Two other libraries, enlive, to deal with XML and clojure-json to deal with JSON.  Here is another example of building web services using Compojure.


Finally, a series also in building Clojure web services :





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Recommended Tutorials : Creating RESTful Web Services in NetBeans 7

Oracle has put together a number of excellent tutorials on creating RESTful web services (in both NetBeans and Eclipse).  This is part 1 :


In part 2 the tutorial implements a way for the RESTful web services uses CRUD operations :


In this tutorial you build – a client app to consume RESTful web services, generate entity classes from a database, create/update/delete/retrieve  operations.

In the final tutorial (part 3), Developing an Ajax Client for RESTful Web Services in NetBeans 7 an AJAX client is developed to consume RESTful web services, rendering RESTful response in both XML and JSON formats.



Recommended Viewing/Reading : Grails 2.3.x RESTful APIs

Grails recently introduced a number of new REST APIs in 2.3.  Grails is an open source, full stack, web application framework for the JVM. It takes advantage of the Groovy programming language and convention over configuration to provide a productive and stream-lined development experience.  There is a nice screencast that demonstrates the ease of creating RESTful controllers in Grails.

If you are interested in more details. There is a nice write-up at


Another very interesting recent talk is Writing Polyglot Web Development in Grails :