Windows 8 : The Missing Piece

I spent a few hours downstairs (the top floor is a Unix-only floor) installing Windows 8.1 Pro on a PC I put together.  There has been a lot of criticism of Windows 8 and I completely understand some of the reasoning.  For me Windows 8 is a breath of fresh air compared to past versions of Windows. Really ?  Yes. For someone that found previous versions of Windows lacking and someone who screenshot_06comes from the MacOS and Unix world – it is quite a bit nicer.  It is visually interesting and pretty nice.  I can understand how for people that have lived with past versions of Windows  might  find the UI jarring and at odds with the past.  Loading 8 and then downloading 8.1 from Microsoft’s store and then adding a slew of software – NetBeans, Sublime, Visual Studio, etc – it went very well. One missing piece – a touchpad – I found  the Logitech T650 which reminds me of my Apple’s Magic Trackpad. You can select the image to see what it does. The Logitech trackpad is an excellent addition if you do or don’t have a touchscreen monitor. It is nicely customized for the Windows 8 environment.