Citrix CloudPlatform : Flash-Based Citrix Reference Architecture

Virtualization has become the topic du-jour among some of the flash array manufacturers.  Regretfully, some of them lack the very basics of virtualization storage resource management (limiting or guaranteeing IOPS for a particular tenant). Others can not cluster their arrays/nodes into one large storage space. Let alone add a node/array in a live non-disruptive upgrade that will add to the cluster transparently. Some, even without the ability to cluster on a simple array configuration can not do live upgrades without taking an outage.  Others don’t have de-dup.  Some don’t have any of these storage features. Which can be a an issue if you are a storage company and wish to go public.   So, many flash storage array vendors are unable to assign IOPS performance thresholds and thus end up running their storage performance randomly and indiscriminately.  I ran into this reference architecture which is apropos setting up a Citrix CloudPlatform (leveraging Apache’s CloudStack) architecture and also leveraging flash-based storage.  It should be mentioned like a very few other flash vendors, SolidFire allows all of the above features.  This is a nice write-up.



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