Extremely Recommended Viewing : Micron’s P320h 2.5″ Flash PCIe form-factor Offers Hot-Swap

Updated : This is very exciting upgrade to the P320h flash card.  Here is a differentiated solution and potential disruption to many of the PCIe cards available. In case you missed it, Aerospike, the NoSQL database company that tunes for high performance on flash, provided a great review on the P320h (to quote – “it blew away the competition”).  I have updated this post with a link to StorageReview’s review of the P320h and two videos – one from StorageReviews and one from Micron (overview). 

Very interesting.  There are two form factors to the P320h from Micron. The first form factor is the card.  The second is a new 2.5″ form-factor of the P320h.  I have since found a couple of reviews on this card.  The Storage Review did a review of the P320h PCIe flash card and compared to Fusion IO and LSI flash cards


and from another review we look at a the new Micron flash PCIe 2.5″ form factor . This form factor allows you to hot-swap it :


You can see that Dell offers this form factor in their R720 with a specialized backplane :


Here is the demo of 2.5″ P320h being hot-swapped :

and a discussion between Dell and Micron on the Micron 2.5″ P320h PCIe hot-swap device :

Updated : If you are interested – StorageReviews has a nice review and video showing the  testbed on a SuperMicro and Infiniband.  They are running Microsoft Windows Server 2012  and Microsoft Storage Spaces :

and a review of the two products by Micron.

The P320h (non-2.5″) version was tested in this video (running iometer/4k workload) and gets 650,000 IOPS on Windows and 750,000 on Linux :


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