MySQL Benchmark : Micron P320h (SLC) PCIe Flash Card – Outperforms

After looking at the Aerospike/Micron PCIe flash card benchmark I was extremely interested in whether a database like MySQL would also get as good results.  The answer seems is a resounding ‘yes’.  Over at Vadim Tkachenko’s MySQL Performance Blog, the tests were conducted in mid-April.  the P320h PCIe flash cards ran the sysbench fileIO tests n asynchronous mode and read performance was a steady 3202 MiB/second.  Write performance came in over 1730 MiB/sec. Performance was over 110,000 write IOPS and almost 205,000 read IOPS. Synchronous IO was similarly impressive. Vadim offered MySQL testing using the TPCC-MySQL test and sysbench OLTP and compared it to other PCIe flash cards.  Micron’s P320h delivered equally impressive performance on these tests – outperforming the two other flash cards.  You can read the review here :



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