NetBeans 7.4 RC1 Is Available, Adds Lots Features

My favorite software development environment, NetBeans, has released a new early access version – NetBeans 7.4 RC1.  There are a number of new features including support for HTML 5. Included in the new support for :

  • Cordova application development.
  • Support for Android and IOS browsers.
  • Editing support for SASS and LESS stylesheet language
  • HTML 5 features available in Java EE projects
  • HTML 5 features in PHP applications

Also better support for JavaScript – editing support for AngularJS, Knockout and ExtJS frameworks, navigator and code folding in JSON files and enhanced code completion. A lot of work went into improving PHP  and C/C++ support.  Considerable effort has also gone into providing hints (guidance) around Java exception handling.

NetBeans development environment provides wide support for Java (ME, SE, EE), C/C++, PHP, JavaScript, Groovy and a number of other languages.

You can see all the new changes in the Information page and release notes.

You can download the new release here.

There are some nice videos showing how to use Knockout  with NetBeans :