Nimbus Data’s Latest Flash Arrays Target Market Leaders

I was kind of surprised – I had not heard a lot from Nimbus Data in a long while and so when I looked at the newly released arrays I was  really pleasantly surprised.   There latest announcements are really pretty good. What I like they is that they didn’t catch the  “ferrari” disease (paying only attention to performance and forgetting about critical features). They have focused on  live upgrades, encryption, deduplication, snapshots, cloning, thin provision and high availability.  Everything is hot-swappable and the hardware is redundant providing high availability. Like some other arrays, the ability to service from the front is very smart. You can get the picture of the new Gemini all-flash arrays :


There is a nice introduction video :

The new arrays offer competitive capacity and are now fully redundant. They support multiple network (FC, Ethernet 10/40, Infiniband) and they allow switching between these  much more quickly.  They support NFS and SMB.  They are focusing on storage features beyond performance and latency.  Here is a tour of the new arrays :

What I really like is the focus on storage features :


If you go back to my original post on Eight Elements to Architecting an All-Flash Cloud you will see that Nimbus Data’s Halo covers most of my key elements.


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