Recommended : Creating Web Services Using Clojure

Recently, I provided a post on creating RESTful web services in Java.  Today, we focus on creating RESTful web services in Clojure. If you are new to Clojure, you can get an accelerated look at it in Learn Clojure.  Let’s start with building RESTful web APIs :


Here is another example, a set of slides from Josep Bach :


Some other references are of use if you are writing a web service.  Let’s start with Ring :


Another useful thing is an authentication library, Sandbar.  Two more important libraries are Compojure and Compojure-rest.  Two other libraries, enlive, to deal with XML and clojure-json to deal with JSON.  Here is another example of building web services using Compojure.


Finally, a series also in building Clojure web services :





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