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Kyle Hailey of Delphix has done a nice write-up on Delphix.  Why should you care about Delphix ? One big reason (among many) is because Delphix enables Oracle databases and Microsoft SQL Server customers to clone their databases quickly at virtually no storage costs.  You can see a demo and read more at Delphix’s website and the Kyle’s write-up below.

Demo of Delphix : 

Kyle Hailey’s What Is Delphix write-up :


We are not quite done here – Delphix works with many different types of storage vendors. Obviously, Delphix benefits from flash storage and one of the flash storage vendors has done a good job highlighting how Delphix can work effectively with a flash storage array that has data reduction features.

Delphix used in combination with the Pure Storage FlashArray which thrives on random IO and our inline deduplication technology, virtualized databases produced by Delphix can now consume very little space and still have plenty of IO headroom.


A recent benchmark test conducted by Delphix and Pure Storage confirmed that their joint solution offers 10x improvements in price and performance when compared to a disk-based storage array from a leading legacy storage vendor. The companies successfully created and maintained the concurrent operation of 26 virtual database copies, each 1 terabyte (TB) in size, on the Pure Storage FlashArray. The combined solution performed over 35,000 transactions per minute, while consuming only 1.5 TB of total storage; the combined solution can sustain is more than 900,000 transactions per minute with zero performance impact. By comparison, running the same databases on the leading legacy disk-based storage array to achieve the same performance and availability required over 15x the storage at 10x the cost.

More here :


The advantage of having inline data reduction features are highlighted in this discussion.  There are of course many other storage companies that could leverage inline de-duplication/compression/thin-provisioning in a Delphix deployment.  For example, SolidFire, Nimbus Data and HTC come quickly to mind.  There are also some companies perceived as leaders in the space in which inline de-duplication is missing-in-action. You can read more on de-duplication in the post – De-Duplication is a Big Win in Flash Storage – So Why Fight It ?

Regardless, Delphix coupled with flash storage arrays offer a really nice set of solutions for both clouds and enterprises.



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