Recommended : The Future of JRuby

One of the more interesting aspects of Sun’s stewardship of Java was the encouragement of alternative languages to use the JVM as a platform.  The result is there are a large number of development languages that leverage the JVM and sit on top of it – able to use the full range of class libraries.  One language, JRuby, is a Ruby-based implementation.  It has made considerable progress over the past few years.  With Oracle’s purchase of Sun – Oracle does not quite have the same interest and the original, talented JRuby team has left and gone their own ways.  However, JRuby continues.  This week in Barcelona, Spain, Charles Nutter from RedHat presented these slides on the ‘Future of JRuby’.


The video below is almost the same presentation presented at RubyKaigi 2013.  Charles Nutter and Thomas Enebo presenting :

The Future of JRuby? – RubyKaigi 2013 from rubykaigi2 on Vimeo.