Recommended Viewing : HazelCast Intro, Management Center and an Example

If you have been following HazelCast, you know it is one of the most interesting of startups. If you haven’t and you are working on big data applications or looking at in-memory grid solutions – you should look at Hazelcast.

haz03Hazelcast has a Community Edition, an Enterprise Edition and a Management Center.  Hazelcast  is an open source clustering and highly scalable data distribution platform. Hazelcast allows you to easily share and partition your application data across your cluster. Hazelcast is a peer-to-peer solution (there is no master node, every node is a peer) so there is no single point of failure.


Hazelcast Enterprise Edition (EE) is an extension to Community Edition. It contains extra features such as Elastic Memory and Security. Elastic memory helps businesses on storing large amounts of data with high throughput. The off-heap technology used in enterprise version, resolves the performance problems experienced handling terabytes of data. With Enterprise Edition, big data will not be a big challenge.

– from the Hazelcast web site.

JVMs running Hazelcast will dynamically cluster. Miko Matsumora has two nice videos on Hazelcast In-Memory Grid technologies. In the first one he gives a quick intro to HazelCast :

And in the second video shows how to set-up the HazelCast Management Center and walks you through it :

Finally there is a nice blog on how to get started with HazelCast that walks you through a simple example.


and a nice presentation (PDF) from Team High Calibre at San Jose State University :