Recommended Viewing : Tuning MongoDB for Next Generation Storage Systems (Video)

The video, Tuning MongoDB for Next Generation (Flash) Storage, is now available.

Storage architecture can have a direct impact on MongoDB performance. Traditional relational databases were designed around legacy SAN devices and required that the storage systems were dedicated to the database. If you wanted more performance you purchased a larger array. With NoSQL databases, the model has been flipped upside down. These databases are designed from the ground up to be distributed. More hosts equals more performance. By leveraging solid-state drive technology with concepts like storage virtualization, quality of service and horizontal scaling, next generation storage systems like SolidFire are able to combine the comforts of traditional dedicated storage performance with the simplicity and scalability expected in a MongoDB environment.

In this video a real-world clustered deployment of MongoDB on SolidFire is discussed. This deployment a private densely virtualized cloud. This is an ecommerce back-end.  They use the QoS and cluster features of SolidFire.  They go over the architecture.  Very good video.



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